Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Art Meets Fashion: Cocoa & Hearts

Sometimes simple and colorful is best. I love artist Jen Ramos' vivid and brilliantly hued brushstroke paintings that come out (and quickly sell out!) every so often on her website Cocoa and Hearts. She uses a delightful array of colors in her work, always bright and in beautiful combination. Jen has another design platform called MadeByGirl that creates paper goods and prints (remember this?), and a delightful blog also titled MadeByGirl that features interior design, fashion, and other lifestyle bits.

You'll be seeing a lot of new weekly/biweekly/monthly features and other changes on The Corner Apartment in the next few weeks, including today's Art Meets Fashion. Taking cue from a number of other bloggers who do a similar feature, I figured inspiring an outfit from art, considering my love of art (and oncoming art history minor!), is an excellent way to combine culture and fashion. Expect "real-life" artists such as Jen and historic greats like Picasso and Derain as well. I hope you enjoy!


  1. Thanks for commenting on my site, especially since it led me to yours!! Love your blog!

  2. Gorgeous sandals...love the gold!

  3. Why are all these colors so pretty? And I'm obsessed with stripes.

    A Southern Drawl

  4. the striped shorts are so cute

  5. This is a great idea for a post, introduces us to a new, awesome person to check out AND gives us a fashion fix :D

  6. what a fun feature! Love those lovely striped shorts!


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