Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pepper Jack Cheddar Grits

Cheese and peppers and grits. Honestly, a perfect South-meets-Southwest combination. My mother has been making us this hearty (read: not healthy) little dish for years, always whipping it up as a staple at family brunches. It's not some super secret family recipe, in fact, I think she pulled it out of a cooking magazine many a year ago. The best part? It's cheap and extremely easy. A short little prep, then into the oven for fifty minutes, and you've arrived at one of the delicious hallmarks of Southern cuisine.

Each serving has about 165 calories, which doesn't sound terrible, but my guess is that you will indulge a little more than that (I always do)! Bon appetit, y'all.


  1. Thats insane...I could eat that all day long. I can see it being really yummy with some poached eggs on it...but then again, everything is made better with a poached egg on it.


  2. there is one way i like my grits - and that is cheesy! i'm so craving some now!


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