Tuesday, June 12, 2012


First of all, I would like to apologize for three straight posts of images and no content. How rude and neglectful of me! In my defense, I spent the weekend out of town with a very full schedule. I am leaving for Colorado Springs on Thursday for a short family getaway celebrating my grandparent's 50th anniversary (also coinciding with my parent's anniversary, Father's Day, and my dad's birthday... yikes!), although do not fret, I will have a few things prepared for my brief absence.

As you all may have picked up on, I am quite obsessively collecting inspiration and ideas for my bedroom and apartment next year. I'm sharing it with three other girls but luckily will have my own bedroom and bathroom. Such a nice change from sharing my first two years in college!

Anyways, I thought I would share a few of the ideas I have- I would love feedback and other ideas! My color scheme is white (white bedding, walls, carpet) with blues and pinks of all hues. And a few gold accents sprinkled in here and there. My bedroom size is rather small, as most college apartments are, but luckily my closet is generous enough to hold all of my clothes, shoes, bags, sorority tees... and so on.

1. Aside from white shams, I want to have a pretty assortment of different colored and patterned pillows on my bed like the little collection here. Nothing better to spruce up the simple white palette!

2. I've always loved these tassels, there are so many on Etsy in all sorts of different colors and lengths. Remember when I posted about them here? I'm thinking I want to hang them over a door or maybe over my desk.

3. Lipstick, art pen, and a gold frame- what a clever idea!

4. Once again, another Cocoa and Hearts creation that I'm really loving. I would love to somehow recreate this painting in a lighter palette with gold to hang over my bed.

5. I've been pulling pages from my favorite magazines, going through my pile of saved cards, and sorting through my mom's old ribbon drawer for some finds to serve as basis for an inspiration board (or wall). I can only hope that mine will turn out as pretty as this one!

6. Spray painting in gold can do wonders to a lackluster object. I have a few huge sandollars that I've been wanting to do, along with a little toy giraffe, which you can find at your local craft/toy stores.

7. I haven't bought it yet, but I'm sure I'll have a very boring utilitarian-style desk. My mother so graciously offered (only after I asked) to sew a cover to go over it like this one. Thanks, Mom!

8. I love these Polaroid-like photographs hung over the toilet in the bathroom with washi tape. It's such a simple idea to give a boring room like the bathroom more character.


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  1. i LOVE those tassels, I hadn't seen them before and now I'm inspired (and trying to figure out how to convince my boyfriend they should go up in our bedroom).

    I love the bathroom idea, but it would never work with mine - we don't have a window and there's so much moisture I think the photos would be ruined in a week.


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