Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Art to Inspiration: July

I've decided to join in for Chevrons & Eclairs' monthly Art to Inspiration series, which celebrates artists new and old as a source of inspiration and learning for the community. This month featured photographer Smita Jacob of Hogger & Co., with the below photograph called Healing Yoga with Arti. Join in for next month here

I loved the simplicity and colors of this photo, and the fact that it was taken on an ice-skating rink. The rooms I included are somehow both sparse and ornate with attention to detail. I love the crisp black and white bookshelf (honestly, I'm a sucker for books of any kind) and the pink far-east accoutrements in the second room. Of course, I had to include an outfit- something perfect for a day about town. And who can resist those lovely Carven flats with bows?

Image credits: 1//2


  1. i love that outfit! simple, yet stylish... and i just bought red pants today... so i can use the outfit inspiration :)

  2. Lovely ..that's an outfit I would totally fact...I want those shoes.

  3. Beautiful interpretations. I love seeing art translated to decor and fashion! I love all the simplicity of the rooms and outfit, but with a hing of glamour at the same time!

  4. wow, love the second room! What a great inspiration and can't wait to see more!


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