Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I really do love my art history class. And it's strange. I've never enjoyed art until this semester. I remember being so terribly bored at the Louvre when I was in Paris about five years ago. Yes, I saw the Mona Lisa, among many other things, but I could have cared less. Now all I want to do is go back to Paris and spend a week at the grand museum. Not to mention just the thought of being in Paris makes me want to jump for joy. I have this newfound interest in anything French, all I want to do is travel the city and the countryside, speak the language, emulate the idea of the "French woman." It's funny how things always seem to come around. You never think you're going to actually enjoy reading, wine, looking at art, writing, and then it happens. I have to say, I do feel older, maybe even more sophisticated? Anyways, here's my favorite painting from class today by the French painter Andre Derain, painted in 1905.

Mountains at Collioure
I love the simplistic and carefree brushstrokes it uses, so different from its contemporaries. I would love to have a print of this in my room, the color scheme is so enlightening.

Listening to: Beautiful Girl by INXS. Hear it.

For now.

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