Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Nothing beats the onset of spring, especially an early one. Where ever you are (if there is a you), although it may still be in the throws of winter, it's clear in online blogosphere and array of websites that spring is here. Of course, it truly is here in Auburn, it's been an even seventy degrees the past three weeks. I can't express how much happiness I get out of walking past the same tree everyday and watching it progressively bloom. Not to mention, it smells lovely. Here are some of my favorite, decidedly spring-y picks for the (incoming) season.

Acne Blacksweet Denim Jacket
Wispy Cirrus Blouse
Temperley London Oriana Mini Dress

AG Cutoff Shorts
Fanning Button Up
Tory Burch Ames Lace Up Sandal
Rebecca Minkoff Clutch Bombe
Don't forget to listen to this poppy tune while perusing the world wide web for that new pair of summer go-to sandals. I know it makes me want to ride with the windows down.

Now playing: Short Skirt/Long Jacket by Cake. Hear it.

For now.

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