Tuesday, April 17, 2012

By the Spoonful

It's no secret that I love hot tea and the occasional cup of coffee. Thus, I always like to keep my eye out for new teacups and saucers that might add to my eclectic collection. Though I've never considered the teaspoon, until now, anything but a regular old spoon from the cutlery drawer. Now, I'm not sure I can continue my tea time ritual without at least a set of these beautiful teaspoons.

The first set is from Anthropologie, and comes in lime and khaki colors as well. The other collection is from Leif Shop, which has plenty of other covetable and colorful housewares. Blogger Joy Cho from oh joy! handpicked the colors for this limited edition collection. I know I'm definitely going to order one of the two (or even both!) one of these days. Happy stirring!

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  1. They're so cute! They remind me of the striped and dotted paper straws. Soon every utensil will be made blogworthy!


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