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Thursday, July 19, 2012

List of Online Magazines

Online magazines are a dime a dozen these days and I can hardly complain. Not only do I get to read my printed subscriptions every month (Elle and Marie Claire are favorites), but I also get to peruse through the online metaphorical newsstand, complete with click-through product links that are equally exciting and dangerous for me (read: big spender).

Over the past few months I have been bookmarking every single online magazine I've come across and have amassed quite a list of some truly entertaining reads. I love flipping through so many different ranges of writing and features- such pretty inspiration for just about everything, including a new favorite in graphic design (which, by the way, how are you liking the new graphics this week?).

I hope you have nothing to do for the rest of the day. Have at it!

Current Reads
Matchbook- My absolute favorite, with plenty of Kate Spade and great features.
Rue- A little bit of everything.
Lonny- For those who mourned the end of Domino a few years back, here is your replacement. Primarily home with style and other lifestyle tidbits peppered in.
House of Fifty- Classic and luxurious design with a twist, travel & lifestyle.
Adore Home- All around lifestyle with fun features and pretty graphics.
Sister Mag- Based in Germany (although in English- I'm not that multilingual), and a bit like stepping into the simpler sister version of Anthropologie.
Verily- Fashion, culture, advice & more. A teaser is available free while a subscription is $30 per year.
Sweet Lemon- Has a lot of articles with whimsical pastel graphics and relatable cover girls.

New Favorites 
EST- Based in Australia, simplistic clean lines meet classic interior style.
Styled- Features beautiful and whimsical DIY and pretty home entertaining ideas.
Trad Home- Just like it sounds, and a lot of great contributors.
Covet Garden- Short and sweet, with a slightly eclectic design and some fun recipes.
Ivy and Piper- Beautiful colored spaces with a mix of style at the end. I only wish it were longer!
Llamas' Valley- Simple and paired down design and living with somewhat of a rustic feel.
Roco- Plenty of features from industry pros and pretty pastels.
Standard- Plenty of outdoor and indoor interior decorating ideas- mostly photos.

High Gloss- Pretty homes + style + travel. They haven't updated in a while, but worth a look through the archives.
Docica- Focuses in on true beauty, style, home & culture.
Dabble- Hones in on design, travel, and food.
Sweet Paul- Simple design meets lovely places and deliciously fresh looking recipes. With some DIY and entertaining.
This Girl Means Business- All about being a woman in the business and entrepreneurial world.
Poppy- Fashion, beauty, hostessing and more for the twenty-something gal.
Dashing- A colorful take on the world of twenty-somethings.
Grays Lane- For the Anglophile- classic anything and everything.
Society Social Manifesto Magalog- Half magazine/half catalog for the party-hostess website Society Social.

Style Me Pretty- All sorts of features and beautiful shoots for helping a bride plan her wedding (or just hopefuls like me).
Pure Green- For those who want to live a stylish green lifestyle- food, DIY, fashion and travel.
Small Magazine- For parents on how to raise a stylish child (seriously, too cute).
Paper Runway- Paper meets art meets graphic design.

Let me know if there are any I missed!

Updated List:
Heart Home
91 Magazine
What Liberty Ate
Made With Butter