Thursday, August 2, 2012

For the Love of // Tees

Does anyone else find it unbelievably difficult to find a decent cotton tee? It seems as if they're either mom-fit crew necks from Target or a perfect LNA dream costing a little less than $100. Ridiculous, yes?

If I had my choice, I would have a nice drawer full of loose and soft Splendid tees- the perfect piece to undermine a dressy blazer or throw on with a pair of jeans. Such a drawer, though, does not exist (at least not in my closet).

It's hot here in the South. I can hardly think about being outside without shivering (oddly enough) with disgust at the idea of my face melting off and my clothes sticking to me. Thus, I have been quite the t shirt aficionado this summer (note: not the XL sorority version).

My collection, though, is rather sparse. I have maybe two tees that I actually like to (and regularly) wear.

So here are two lessons for you: the usual cue from some of the best-dressed style bloggers on how to translate the tee look to your own daily wear, and a nice little compilation from myself on where to get them.

As essential as they may seem, the t shirt is, after all, just a t shirt. There's really no reason to break the bank, is there?

Top shirt: Madewell

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  1. I find it literally impossible to find a good t-shirt that I can dress up or down. I love the looks you showed--I think I'm going to have to pick up one of those J.Crew shirts.

    The Glossy Life

  2. What a fantastic post! I'm going to stock up on a bunch for grad school. Great over blazers and such and comfortable and tailored. Adding this post to the weekend note links :)

  3. This is the #1 piece I'll be stocking up on for fall. Old Navy actually makes amazing v-necks that are super duper cheap - and if you like to get a new one every month, Style Mint is great, too! I also love the ASOS striped tee you picked. :)

  4. OBSESSED with this post! love all the looks you found. & its crazy how you get dress up a tshirt or wear it down. love it!

    happy weekend, newest follower!

  5. We're on the same page, I'm from Houston. So, a tee is best option for Summer, but you're totally right, it can be diffucult to find the perfect tee, especially if you want to still look fashionable (instead of say, ah la grunge). Anyhow, I really appreciate this post and will be checking out the Splendid tee ASAP.
    xo Londa

  6. oh man i love a good tee..i spent a lot of money on those old navy vnecks, they are so perfect!

  7. i love finding a good, well fitting tee and i agree with you, they are hard to come by! love all the inspiration from the stylish bloggers :) xx

  8. Thank you for all the wonderful samples! I can't wait to put them to use.


  9. I practically LIVE in T-shirts. My husband makes fun of me all the time for wearing over sized T's but I love love love them and love to collect them! xo

  10. I love white and gray tees - they go with just about everything in my closet!

  11. Some of the junior ones at Target are great! Hope you had a great weekend! xoxo

  12. Love Your Blog!!

    Following you ! Follow me back <3

  13. I love a good T - shirt! It's like working with a blank canvas. Enjoy your weekend!


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