Monday, December 24, 2012


I've been dabbling (at best) with blogging and The Corner Apartment on and off for maybe a year and a half now. It's been great. It really has. I love being able to write whatever I want, research things I'm curious about, connect with others who share my interests, and play around with and teach myself graphic design.

There are so many wonderful sites and bloggers out there. So. Many. It's overwhelming, really, how you could spend a whole day doing nothing but read them. Such an influx of information has lead me to an idea, something that I think fits perfectly with my personality while being unique to the big blogging community.

My main goal is to focus on the writing. I'm going to do longer pieces, researched and well thought-out articles while still maintaining my connection to and passion for history, art and style. I want to learn things, convey them to readers and talk about things that matter. As much as I love putting outfit posts together, it's just not where I want to go.

Additionally, I want to do away with all the consumerism and product-pushing. While I think affiliate programs and brand partnerships are great for some people, I want The Corner Apartment to be a place that stays focused primarily on written content. I am, after all, a journalist (or will be). 

I hope you all are as excited as I am for the changes to come.

Happy Christmas!

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012


To be short, it has been quite a semester. A new job, new apartment and (hopefully!) new major have been exhausting, overwhelming and thrilling at the same time. I know you've all ridden that emotional roller coaster before. Such busyness brought about almost completely quashed creativity, despite ideas rolling in left and right. I have some very, very long lists.

To accomodate such ideas, I'm going to make some changes around here (yes, again). I'm not yet sure what they will be, but they will be. I'm officially declaring the deadline for implementing the changes, in full, to be the day spring classes start: January 9. Hold me to it!

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall 2012 Ready-To-Wear // NYC

It's difficult to fully envision ourselves in the newly debuted spring 2013 collections when we are finally beginning to stock up on sweaters and dust off our riding boots for the next few (blessedly) cooler months. While I have been fully appreciating the colorful and breezy separates and dresses of the Spring/Summer Ready-To-Wear runways, I've found its got my seasonal fashion clock a bit confused.

Of course it's fortunate that the fashion (and thus publishing) world is so forward-thinking. They serve as our cooler-than-thou seemingly omniscient mentors who shape and direct trends for us to build on, copy and make our own.

For now, let's go back to last February when we were tempted once again with a faraway season, plush knits and meticulously crafted trench coats parading down the runway in their usual artful manner. Shall we begin at the first stop of the fashion week circuit, New York City?

Photo Credits: All courtesy of Women's Wear Daily; Alice + Olivia by Thomas Iannaccone; Calla by Robert Mitra; Chris Benz by Giovanni Giannoni; Christian Siriano by Giovanni Giannoni; J. Crew by Steve Eichner; Kate Spade by Pasha Antonov; Marc by Marc Jacobs by Thomas Iannaccone; Milly by Thomas Iannaccone; Oscar de la Renta by George Chinsee; Rachel Antanoff by Pasha Antonov; Tory Burch by John Aquino