Thursday, March 3, 2011


Now that it's getting warmer it's time to revert back to the wonderfully delicious smoothie. Of course, I'm not suggesting going to Smoothie King and getting a large sugar-and-syrup disaster that will set you back by upwards of 500 calories. As a personal favorite of mine, I love to make my own and I have a very simple and healthy way to do it. You have to have a blender, but I prefer to use a  Magic Bullet, which even though sold widely on the info-mercial market, actually works very well. So get your magic bullet cup, put about four ice cubes in it, then fill it nearly to the top with your frozen fruit of choice. Personally, I prefer strawberries and peaches, but whatever you like works just fine. Then, add two packets of Crystal Light, the kind that you put in water bottles. There's a ton of different flavors, but my favorites are lemonade, raspberry lemonade, or orange. Fill it up almost all the way with water, shake, blend, and you've got yourself the most tastey and easily made smoothies yet. You can replace the water with milk if you prefer, but I like mine with just water, more crisp. Obviously, any of these steps and ingredients can be adjusted accordingly to your taste. If you don't want a ton of flavor, then add only one packet of Crystal Light. Enjoy!

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Sail the Seas

I couldn't help but show this look that I found on How classicaly perfect is this? It brings back the wonderful nostalgia of catamaran-ing and sailing in Boston and Newport from a couple summers ago. Being out on the water is possibly the most relaxing thing in the entire world.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Les tomates

I think my producivity today has left me dry for inspiration. I've been a domestic gal, doing four loads of laundry, dusting, cleaning the bathroom, and vacuuming. So enough of the physical work, and now for some blogging. As much as I would like to write about clothes and fashion the whole time, I won't, because then my page will be just like everyone else's, trying to prove to be some fashion guru, which, let's be honest, I'm not. I'm not a fashionista, a socialite, a photographer, or a profound music expert. I just like to think, to write, to explain and inform. So now to inform.

I was reading some articles today from the American Dietetic Association and came across an article about tomatoes. Tomatoes are one of my favorite vegetables, aside from the potato which really doesn't count since it's starch. But it turns out that they are more than just a delicious and low-cal snack. They are the largest source of dietary lycopene, which is a powerhouse antioxidant, and isn't as easily destroyed when cooked like others. Now I'm sure that everyone has heard of antioxidants, and if it weren't for taking nutrition and health I wouldn't know what exactly they were. They are molecules that are capable of inhibiting oxidation. Without getting too chemically descriptive, which is something I'm really not fond of, oxidation reactions can produce free radicals, and free radicals cause damage to cells. AKA, it aids in aging, which is something that I don't think anyone really embraces. Additionally it helps in lowering certain cancer risks and cardiovascular disease. So enough terminology. Tomatoes are one of the most consumed vegetables, in pasta, ketchup, salad, and other things. Some of my personal favorite tomato snacks:
  • tomato and mozerella salad with vinaigrette
  • tomatoes and cucumbers with light ranch
  • tomato and bacon (without the fat!) pasta with parmesan cheese
  • fried green tomatoes, of course! Although, not one of the healthier options
All these options are pretty light, and equally delicious if I must say. Eat up!

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